Heart diseases : One of the top biggest killers globally

Based on recent statistics, 1.73 million people globally have died as a result of coronavirus. But as a result of the inadequate data, it is not clear as to how deadly COVID is. Cardiovascular issues have long been recognized as the biggest causes of global death. Within 2020, heart ailments and diseases remain the greatest causes of death.

Why heart ailments remain the top killer in 2020

 Dr. Ramakanta Panda, Managing director, and Vice-Chairman, Asian Heart institute Mumbai stated that the heart has remained a leading cause of death at a global level for over 20 years. But these numbers have increased by more than 2 million in 2000 to nearly 9 million in 2019. Heart diseases now signify a reason for 16% of total global deaths. This has worsened in 20202 with the lack of basic amenities which has been inflated by the spread of the pandemic. As more people lose their sources of income, access to cater to their basic amenities spirals down and thus increases the risk of developing or worsening heart diseases, and ailments to an already vulnerable population.

 The impact of COVID19 on the heart

Cells in the lungs and heart are both covered with protein molecules called ACE-2 protein. This is how the new COVID19 enters the cells and multiply. ACE-2 normally plays a significant role in protecting tissues by being anti-inflammatory. But COVID somehow immobilizes those molecules, those molecules and leaves the cells unprotected when they spring into.  Thereby infecting the heart’s muscle tissue directly, causing the heart to be damaged and inflamed directly by the body’s immune system response.

Thanks to the lockdown, staying locked up at home for a long time and the uncertainty around the COVID19 pandemic can be a reason for people to get stressed-out while equally having negative thoughts. It is very important to always be calm and positive.